Summer Reading Program

Happy Summer to everyone! All students entering Preschool (Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten) and Grammar School (1st – 6th grades) are encouraged to participate in our voluntary summer reading program.

To give you more options for summer reading we chose to share our master Literature Guide with you. Please do NOT read books in bold for your entering grade or future grades. We want these books to be read for the first time during class. We encourage all students to read literature for prior grades that has not yet been read or to reread books read in prior grades.

Please print the Summer Reading Log for you to keep records. These are turned in on the first day of school. Students who completed the minimum requirements will be recognized on Dedication Night. To be recognized students must complete the minimum required reading time listed below.

  • Entering first through third grade students should read a total of 12 hours (720 minutes).
  • Entering fourth through sixth grade students should read a total of 15 hours (900 minutes).
  • Entering Jr. Kindergarten or Kindergarten students should be read to aloud for a minimum of 10 hours (600 minutes). *Please note: These students should be read to by a parent, sibling, friend, or guardian and typically will not be reading alone at this stage.

It is your decision whether the child reads from the grade level they completed, are entering into or a combination of both. Please let us know if you have any questions. 229.445.8180 |