Jr. Kindergarten (3-4 years)

These little ones need time to play, be creative, and learn with intriguing hands-on activities. This is why we utilize centers, outdoor play, art, crafts, and music in daily activities, as well as station rotation (short periods of structured and unstructured time at stations) and weekly school-wide mentoring time where our older students invest in these young souls.

At the center of a classical Christian education is the heart of the child. Building the foundation of a character of obedience, knowing God and honoring Him through our best efforts, and loving and serving others is our primary focus.

Providence is excited to announce a two-year Junior Kindergarten program. Your 3-year-old (must turn three by July 1) or 4-year-old can be a part of this fun, interactive class that is designed to nourish their minds and souls. The heart matters and that is where the focus lies in Junior Kindergarten at Providence. Our award-winning curriculum includes reading/literature (letter recognition, phonics and letter formation), Bible (memorizing prayers, Scripture, and acting our stories), math, and fine arts (music and art). Science and history are explored as part of our classroom read-aloud literature and Bible curriculum.


Literature: Literature is fundamental to a strong classical education. Our supplemental reading program will help your child develop a taste for quality literature from an early age. Children delight in listening to the rhyme and wordplay of poetry.

Phonics/Writing: Students participate in our phonics curriculum designed to teach letter recognition and beginning letter formation. Advanced students learn to read CVC, CCVC, and CVCC words and sight words.

Math centers around having fun with numbers and gaining number sense to be prepared for Kindergarten math.

Three-year-olds will enjoy the Numbers & Colors Book, as it is the perfect predecessor to Saxon K, our 4-year-old Jr. Kindergarten math program. Children will be ready for more formal number writing after working through Numbers & Colors Book. Along with introducing each number through 15, color words are taught as well. Plenty of practice is given with both numbers and color words through activities such as counting, connect the dots, coloring, number tracing, pattern recognition, and more! Additional skills of left and right, above and below, and grouping are also introduced.

Four-year-old Jr. Kindergartners dive into Saxon K math completing three lessons per week, with emphasis on counting to 31 by reading and writing the numbers, time, estimation, sorting by color, learning patterns, skip counting, measuring, time, graphs and story problems which are taught incrementally.

Your child will have a blast being introduced to math using hands-on manipulatives, playing games, and seeing how math supports order in our world.

Saxon K will be used for four-year-old Jr. Kindergarten students to prepare them for Saxon 1, our Kindergarten math program.

Jr. Kindergarten uses The Story Bible, Prayers for Children, and Big Thoughts for Little People to teach the Bible, scripture memory, praying, and daily application to our students. We use The Story Bible for its Scriptural accuracy and beautiful illustrations. The realistic art brings each story to life and engages our students with the narrative of God’s redemptive plan. Prayers for Children is used to help your child learn short prayers for different occasions in the life of a young child. Big Thoughts for Little People employs the alphabet to teach our 3- and 4-year-old students Bible themes and Christian values. Each page depicts a letter of the alphabet and teaches a moral lesson or Christian value based on that letter. The book encourages young readers to find the lesson being modeled (or not) in the colorful illustrations. Our teacher asks children questions in order to help them apply the lesson they learned from the letter to their everyday lives. Music, art, and history are integrated with Bible.

All Jr. Kindergarteners enjoy daily “center time,” outdoor recess, and join the Grammar School on occasion for school-wide field trips and activities. Assembly is optional for Jr. Kindergarten students.

This course is an introduction to the basics in manners and brief lessons in social understanding, safety, friendship, health, and service. It has the following five components:

1) Rules – social rules for daily life
2) Health – essentials for hygiene, physical and mental health, and forming good habits
3) Safety – guidelines and cautions for staying safe in various circumstances
4) Manners – instruction and practice with good manners to serve others well
5) Listening – daily readings with inspiring stories for delight, moral imagination, character and virtue.

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