Logic & Rhetoric School (7th-12th)

Providence School of Tifton added its Upper School in August 2021, beginning with Class 7. Classes 7 through 12 build upon the knowledge acquired during the grammar school stage and lay the foundation for excellence in developing graceful, winsome arguments for our Creator.

What else is a better fit for these eager to argue (in the best way) rising adults? They seek to learn the “how” and “why” of the information they learned in grammar school. At this time they continue building upon the Latin they learned in the early years and are introduced to Greek, which will be used in rhetoric school (Classes 10 – 12).

  • Students in our School of Logic (C7 – C9) are asking “why” questions in earnest. We harness this tendency by training students in the basics of logic and through Socratic discussion in the classroom.
  • Students in our School of Rhetoric (C10 – C12) practice articulating their own ideas winsomely and persuasively. This happens in every class through Socratic discussion, class presentations, written papers, and speeches. Students’ education culminates in thesis projects

As your child enters Upper School, we desire to provide an education that is interactive with conversation and rhetoric. Our desire is for our students to graduate ready to winsomely and graciously war for truth in their families, vocations, and churches.

  • An education aimed at paideia. Paideia was the word the Greeks used to describe the formation of a whole human being–instruction in the liberal arts, training of the body, and the formation of character. At Providence School of Tifton, our aim is not merely job preparation or test-taking intelligence, but to shape the whole person–body, mind, and soul–for the glory of Christ and his kingdom.
  • An education conducted in submission to Scripture and aimed at developing a Christian worldview. We want our students to recognize that all that is good, beautiful, and true in the world finds its source in God. Students consider the ideas and beliefs they encounter in light of the truth of Scripture. We desire to submit ourselves in all things to Jesus Christ.

An education where history is valued. As Christians, we know that God works throughout human history. We value the past for its witness to God’s character, for its wisdom, and as important for understanding who we are today. Our entire curriculum rotates through the history of the world three times, twice in Upper School.

An education where subjects are integrated. School classes are divided into specific subjects–math, literature, art, etc.–but reality is complicated and unified in a way these subject divisions don’t acknowledge. To help our students understand truth that cuts across subject divisions, we encourage integration as often as possible. Through our integrated humanities classes, students consider how the art, history, literature, theology, philosophy and scientific discoveries of a time period all affect one another.

All Logic and Rhetoric students are placed in a House (our form of student government) and will have the opportunity to work together with each other and compete against other houses, while working toward excellence in academics, sports, local and international missions, and their relationship with Christ. They will also have speech meets, mock trials, and athletics as they begin maturing into God-honoring young adults.


When students enter our upper school (7th-12th grades), they attend for their first time our annual school retreat where they are inducted into one of our three upper school houses. Members of a house compete in sports and community service and provide mentorship for younger students.

In their humanities course, 7th graders are introduced to the foundational worldview questions such as who is God, what is real, what is a human, how do we know right and wrong, and how should we live? They begin exploring ancient answers to these questions through their study of Greek, Hebrew, Roman, and Christian literature, thought, and art.

Your 7th grade student will take Algebra, physical science or Logic, Latin, choir or orchestra, and composition. The last days of the school year, 7th graders create a living history museum, taking on personas and recreating artifacts from their study of ancient history. 


Bi-annually, our juniors and seniors embark on one of the culminating experiences of a Providence education–their senior trip to Europe. Seniors explore these great cities, experiencing in person the art, architecture, and historical sites they have been studying since kindergarten.

In the final days of their time at Providence, every Providence student presents and defends a thesis before a panel of community members, addressing a civic issue from a Christian perspective.  Seniors study the principles on which the American government is founded, and explore modern world history, philosophy, and literature through Socratic discussion. Seniors can take physics or human anatomy, calculus, and Greek.

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