Logic School (7th-8th)

Providence School of Tifton added its Upper School in August 2021, beginning with Class 7. Classes 7 through 9 at Providence build upon the knowledge acquired during the grammar school stage and lay the foundation for excellence in developing graceful, winsome arguments for our Creator.

What else is a better fit for these eager to argue (in the best way) rising teenagers? They seek to learn the “how” and “why” of the information they learned in grammar school. At this time they continue building upon the Latin they learned in the early years and are introduced to Greek, which will be used in rhetoric school (Classes 10 – 12).

In the coming years our logic students will be placed in a House (our form of student government) and will have the opportunity to work together with each other and compete against other houses, while working pushing each other toward excellence in academics, sports, local and international missions, and their relationship with Christ. They will also have speech meets, mock trials, and athletics as they begin maturing into God-honoring young adults.

The Logic School curriculums are subject to change, but the preview below will give you a guide as you consider Providence for your rising teenager.

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