Kindergarten (5-6 year)

The Kindergarten classroom is a fun and engaging place where teachers instill a love of good literature, Scripture, poems and prayer. Young children are blessed with an amazing capacity to memorize and possess a natural desire to soak up information. We nurture that innate desire throughout the curriculum as children memorize everything from grammar jingles and poetry to Bible verses, catechisms, and math facts. Beginning to create this vast storehouse of information is exciting to them and provides a solid foundation for all that lies ahead!

curriculum overview

We want the parents of our Kindergarteners to know what their child is learning and to be involved in their education. Therefore, we have created individual course lead sheets to help our parents follow what their child’s yearly schedule.

At Providence we welcome one-on-one family meetings. Contact our office by calling 229.445.8180 or email to schedule your private family meeting.

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