Grammar School (C1 – C6)

Grammar School comprises Classes 1 through 6 at Providence. During this period students are naturally adept at memorizing through songs, chants, and rhymes. If you can get children in this stage to sing or chant something, they will remember it for a lifetime.

That is what we do at Providence. We lay the foundations of how to think for our grammar school students. In every subject – math, reading, Bible, history, geography, science, art, music, physical education, and Latin – our students learn the fundamental language for successful critical thinking and analytical skills that are needed in the years ahead. Our goal is to set our students up for success in life and that begins with young minds.


  • An education aimed at paideia. Paideia was the word the Greeks used to describe the formation of a whole human being–instruction in the liberal arts, training of the body, and the formation of character. At Providence School of Tifton, our aim is not merely job preparation or test-taking intelligence, but to shape the whole person–body, mind, and soul–for the glory of Christ and his kingdom.
  • An education conducted in submission to Scripture and aimed at developing a Christian worldview. We want our students to recognize that all that is good, beautiful, and true in the world finds its source in God. Students consider the ideas and beliefs they encounter in light of the truth of Scripture. We desire to submit ourselves in all things to Jesus Christ.

An education attuned to the three stages of learning–grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 

  • In our Grammar School (JK – C6), we build a foundation for future learning through children’s love of story and the ease with which they memorize. Grammar students memorize songs, chants, and rhymes, Scripture verses, and information from all subjects.
  • Students in our School of Logic (C7 – C9) are asking “why” questions in earnest. We harness this tendency by training students in the basics of logic and through Socratic discussion in the classroom.
  • Students in our School of Rhetoric (C10 – C12) practice articulating their own ideas winsomely and persuasively. This happens in every class through Socratic discussion, class presentations, written papers, and speeches. Students’ education culminates in thesis projects

An education where history is valued. As Christians, we know that God works throughout human history. We value the past for its witness to God’s character, for its wisdom, and as important for understanding who we are today. Our entire curriculum rotates through the history of the world three times.

An education rooted in the wisdom of great thinkers and writers. While older is not always better, we honor the preserved, collective intellectual energy of entire civilizations as a body of wisdom to be respected. Our students read the great books of our intellectual tradition to learn from the great thinkers of the past. Through Socratic discussion beginning in 5th grade students enter into conversation with these thinkers, evaluating ideas in light of Scripture and considering how those ideas can inform our living today.

An education where subjects are integrated. School classes are divided into specific subjects–math, literature, art, etc.–but reality is complicated and unified in a way these subject divisions don’t acknowledge. To help our students understand truth that cuts across subject divisions, we encourage integration as often as possible. Our Grammar School teachers pull different subjects together through integrating history, Bible, and literature. Science is also often scene in light of mathematical calculations and the history of the world.

  • Our science program goal is to cultivate students who will love the Lord first and foremost while gaining an appreciation of the work of the Great Artist. We want students to be scientifically literate with the ability to evaluate scientific content objectively and critically. Using the tenets of classical education blended with modern laboratory practices and methodologies, we strive to develop science proficiency and appreciation. Science courses in the Grammar School foster curiosity and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world around us through hands-on experiments, observation notebooks, and lab work.
  • Our math curriculum promotes integration of logic to understand the conceptual development of mathematical ideas, preparing students to thrive in mathematics.

Grammar School is subject to change, but the preview below will give you a guide as you consider Providence for your family.

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Class 2 Preview

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