Preschool at Providence: How to Prepare your rising Jr. Kindergartener or Kindergartener for Success

Our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students enter a world of engaging learning, inspired by the joyful pursuit of loving their Creator. They will be immersed in imaginative stories, hands-on science and history, and the beauty of order in the written word and arithmetic. They will also be exposed to music and art that introduces them to the truth, goodness, and beauty that fills our world. As a parent you may wonder, “How can I prepare my little one for this type of education?” The answer is quite simple!

  1. Read to your child. Set a goal of reading to your child for 20 minutes a day. Divide it into two 10-minute periods or complete it all before bedtime. Research shows that reading to your child increases their reading comprehension, prepares them to read on their own, encourages them to be active listeners, and increases your emotional bond. Read, read, read! For a list of great books for your preschooler, view our Preschool Literature Guide. You can also download engaging Preschool audiobooks.
    • Did you know that your Kindergartener will be reading by Christmas and your 4-year-old Jr. Kindergartener will be reading by the end the school year? Christianity is a literate religion given to us through a Book. Knowledge is powerful. Let’s help them read early by reading to them now.
  2. Play with LEGOS! Your heard that correctly. Play, play, play…with little pieces and parts. Build a house. Build a car. Let them build the thing that requires you to make 100+ guesses before hearing, “Mom, it’s my jumper!” Yes, that creation. Let them build it over and over again. Playing with Legos prepares them for writing at Providence. Writing is an art; a form of beauty. Help prepare them for writing beautiful words by playing with Legos now!
  3. Count, count, count! Count everything! Go for a walk and count your steps. Count the scoops of coffee going in the coffee pot. Count the toys in the bathtub. Count the number of items of clothing you are wearing. Count rocks…and sticks…and pine cones. Sort them and recount. Which pile has more? Count your fingers and toes! If you make it fun, it will be fun for them.

Check back often as more resources are posted. We are excited to welcome you to the Providence family. If you are an accepted student, please read our page for “Accepted Students” to make sure you are ready for the 2020-21 school year.

At Providence we encourage one-on-one family meetings. Contact our office by calling 229.445.8180 or email to schedule your private family meeting.

Are you ready to enroll? Click here to apply to Providence School of Tifton and begin your exciting educational journey with a like-minded, Christ-centered extended family.

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