Discover the Providence Difference

I am Victoria Harris, founding family and Head of School at Providence. I warmly welcome you to our site. As a founding family and head of Providence, I encourage you to explore the website, make note of what intrigues you, and reach out for clarity. Providence is a different type of school that produces a different type of graduate. If you want to learn more, explore some of pages on academics, our approach to education, our mission and vision, or download Discover CCE, a magazine that first exposed me to this exciting, proven way of learning. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more.

Providence is a uniquely classical and Christian school that began in the hearts of a few separate parents and now encompasses dozens of families throughout Tift County. At its core, our vision was for a school that was academically rigorous, mission-minded, assessable, and unapologetically Christian. After much prayer and research, we fell upon classical Christian education and haven’t looked back. Classical Christian education (CCE) trains students how to think rather than what to think. Through classical education, Providence uses an integrated, traditional approach to learning about God’s world, instills a lifelong love of learning in our students, and cultivates the affections of our students toward what God deems as true, good, and beautiful. Our students are taught using methods that coincide with their neurological development. They learn the fundamentals of all subjects (reading/phonics, literature, math, history, Latin, science, bible, foreign language, music, art, P.E.) in their primary years (ages 4-11), while learning how to winsomely and graciously stand for Christ in our fallen world through the continued study of these primary subjects and new subjects (logic, Greek, rhetoric, theology/apologetics, etc) in the adolescent years (12-18 years old).

Our goal is to assist families in Biblically educating their children and our Board of Trustees has been carefully chosen to keep that mission in mind, while upholding the highest standards of classical and Christian education with every decision that is made, for our first year and our 100th year. 

Explore our website, learn about the difference that classical Christian education can make in your child’s life, and ask us questions. We are here for you.

For His glory,

Victoria Harris, Founding Family & Head of School


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